Completed – Black Walnut Fence Painting

The wooden fence at the Black Walnut Blvd. entrance will be painted in order to maintain its appearance.

4/17/2018 – Needed repairs were performed on the fence prior to painting.  Painting will be completed once the ground is dry and weather permits.

Completed – Irrigation Repair

The irrigation for the commons area at the intersection of Black Walnut Blvd and Black Walnut Circle will be repaired and put back in working order.

4/17/2018 – This maintenance will be performed in late spring/early summer, weather and ground coditions permitting.

Completed: Black Walnut Entrance Sign Repainting

The entrance sign at Black Walnut Blvd. will be temporarily removed while it is repainted offsite.
Once the sign is painted and dried, it will be reinstalled.

The sign has been repainted and reinstalled.

Tree Replacement

Holes were dug 4/17/2018 for the planting of replacement trees in the year 2 schedule.
New trees will be planted no later than the end of the month weather permitting.

Species to be used: Red Maple, Tulip Popular, Silver Linden, Willow Oaks

Year 1 – 2017 – Complete
Black Walnut Blvd
Leven Blvd 1/2 down to 10527 Leven Blvd

Year 2 – 2018 – Completed
Leven Blvd remaining 1/2 down to End
Caitlyn Way
Charles Lindsey Court
Lindsey Wade Court
Leven Court

Year 3 – 2019 – Removal Complete, New Trees Coming
Cassidy Lane to Fox Meade entrance
Cassidy Lane from Fox Meade to end

Year 4 – 2020
Black Walnut Circle
Top Walnut Loop
Top Walnut Court
Walnut Farm Drive
Fox Haven

Year 5 – 2021
Cassidy Circle
Samuel Long Way East
Samuel Long Way West