Q: Are dues Mandatory?
A: Membership in the HoA and Recreation Associations are mandatory for all lot owners as are their dues.

Q: How much are the dues for each association?
A: Homeowners: $225
A: Recreation: $225

Q: When should I pay my dues?
A: Dues must be paid by Feb. 28

Q: When are my dues considered late?
A: Dues are considered late on March 15.

Q: What happens when my dues are late?
A: Late penalties accure every month dues are unpaid.  Additionally, if you have a delinquent account, a lien will be filed against your home and the account will be turned over to collections.  All legal fees associated with the collection of delinquent accounts are included in the total amout due and are the sole responsibility of the lot owner.

Q: Whom should I contact to resolve a delinquent account?
A: If you have been contacted by a collections agent, please work with that agency to resolve the delinquent account.  Otherwise, please contact Amber Gabbard with Mulloy Properties at (502) 498-2406 immediately.

Q: Why do lot owners have to fill out an access form for the clubhouse every year?
A: We need to keep updated records in our system to ensure out facilities are only being utilized by our residents.

Q: Whom should I contact to have my mailbox replaced, repaired, or repainted?
A: Please contact the following mandatory mailbox service provider:
Duggins' Co., Inc.
1116 Ulrich Ave.
Louisville, KY 40219
(502) 966-5774
(502) 966-9290
(502) 966-5492 FAX
[email protected]

Q: Why can't we park on the street, in our driveway blocking the sidewalk, or in our yards?
A: Habitually parking on the street, paking in a yard, or parking in a manner which blocks a sidewalk are covered by the Metro Code which is current though Ordinances passed by the Council and approved by the Mayor.

Q: Who is the trash and waste services provider for Cooper Farms?
A: Waste Management is the mandatory trash and waste service provider for Cooper Farms.  We have negotiated a discount rate for our residents.  If you do not have Waste Management as your service provider, please contact them at (866) 237-7019 or online at https://www.wm.com/us

Q: Who is responsible for mowing/maintaining X area?

A: Common areas are maintained by Cooper Farms HoA.
    WPAs (Woodland Protected Areas) have very specific restrictions on how they can be managed and maintained.  Cooper Farms HoA attempts to keep these areas attactive, but cannot mow them without risking fines from the city.