Holes were dug 4/17/2018 for the planting of replacement trees in the year 2 schedule.
New trees will be planted no later than the end of the month weather permitting.

Species to be used: Red Maple, Tulip Popular, Silver Linden, Willow Oaks

Year 1 – 2017 – Complete
Black Walnut Blvd
Leven Blvd 1/2 down to 10527 Leven Blvd

Year 2 – 2018 – Completed
Leven Blvd remaining 1/2 down to End
Caitlyn Way
Charles Lindsey Court
Lindsey Wade Court
Leven Court

Year 3 – 2019 – Removal Complete, New Trees Coming
Cassidy Lane to Fox Meade entrance
Cassidy Lane from Fox Meade to end

Year 4 – 2020
Black Walnut Circle
Top Walnut Loop
Top Walnut Court
Walnut Farm Drive
Fox Haven

Year 5 – 2021
Cassidy Circle
Samuel Long Way East
Samuel Long Way West

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