First, the REC board would like to thank everyone for your patience and understanding throughout this unprecedented time while we have worked to provide as much of a pool season as possible this year.


As we move toward the end of the season, we will need to make some scheduling changes because of staffing as directed by our contracted pool management company.  Unfortunately, there is a shortage of lifeguards due to the COVID-19 crisis.  This shortage is going to be severely worse in August, as colleges and some high schools start back.


Given the late-summer shortage of lifeguards caused by these issues, our only choice is to make some modifications to the hours that pools are open.  There simply are not enough lifeguards and staffing will be almost exclusively high school students who are limited in the number of hours they are legally allowed to work, including cleaning, opening, and closing the facility.


Here is where our pool management company stands on their ability to staff our pool at the end of the summer of 2020:


  • The school day schedule will start on August 12 as originally planned, due to colleges starting earlier than normal.  As a result, they will not have enough staff to be open fulltime on school days.
  • Starting August 12, the pool management company will only be able to provide lifeguards from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm on weekdays, with two (2) 1 hour and 20-minute sessions with 20 minutes in between to disinfect.
  • Starting August 15, the pool management company will only be able to provide lifeguards for 3 sessions on weekends that will be divided into three (3) 1 hour and 45-minute sessions with 15 minutes between to disinfect.


These changes will also affect the hours for the fitness room. We will send out those details once we have determined what changes need to be made.


We regret the need to make these changes.  Our desire has always been to have the pool open as much as possible, but this is the plan, which was based on the reality of the situation.  We hope you understand.


Pool Opening Schedule and Procedures. Pools can open starting Monday, June 29th, pending health department inspection and approval.  The pool will be inspected on Monday, and will   be ready to open on Tuesday at 12pm pending our approved inspection.

To adhere to the guidelines, set in place by the state, we are setting up new procedures and guidelines for pool usage for this season.

According to the guidelines, pools are allowed 1 person for every 50 feet of surface area in the pool.  Based on those calculations, our pool will be allowed 66 people in the pool at one time.  Because of the small number, we will be implementing the following procedures:


Pool hours will be divided up into three two-hour sessions every day:




Residents will be required to reserve spots for the available sessions on a first come, first serve basis. We have set up an online booking system to accommodate the limited capacity.  Registration to the site is required for reservations, requiring name, address email and phone number,  and information is kept private.

The sessions are separated by an hour to allow for cleaning between each session, and check-in time by staff to allow people as close to the full 2-hour session in the pool as possible.  Check-in will begin at least 15 minutes prior to each session. Because of the added responsibilities required of the door attendants, check-in may not be possible after the 1st 30 minutes of each session.

In fairness to all residents, reservations will be limited to 1 a day per residence, and 3 per week to begin with, and will be continually evaluated in case changes are needed.  By booking a time all patrons will agree to all rules and waivers set forth by the REC association.

To be eligible to use the facility, all HOA and REC dues must be current, and all members of the household must be listed with property management.  Any booking that does not meet these requirements will have their reservation put on hold or cancelled, until the problem has been resolved with the property manager.


Pool reservation link.

https://cooperfarmsrec.getomnify.com registration and reservations are now available.



There will be one entrance and one exit to the pool facility, to keep foot traffic low and limit gathering in confined spaces.

To meet social distancing requirements, seating will be extremely limited.  We are encouraging people to bring their own chairs to the pool.  There will be a limited number of tables and lounge chairs.  Chairs and tables will not be allowed to move from their per-selected locations.

All checked in residents will be given a wristband good only for their session.  Any person not wearing the correct bracelet will be asked to leave the facility.

No food will be allowed in the facility or on the pool deck.  Drinks only.

Because of the limited space available, no guests will be allowed for the foreseeable future.


Masks are required to be worn.
Check-in is taking place outside the building.


We would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we attempt to navigate this unprecedented time, and will continue to do everything in our control to make the rest of the season as enjoyable as possible for everyone in the neighborhood.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has thrust our community into unknown territory. We recognize this has been a difficult time. Everyone’s lives have been affected in some way or another. While the government is beginning to implement plans to reopen businesses and services in an attempt to work towards our previous semblance of normalcy, the Cooper Farms Rec-board association recognizes there are many members of our community who are eager for our fitness center and pool to be reopened.
The Rec-board is committed to doing everything we can to ensure the health and well-being for our residents. All the same, the Rec-board is committed to following and adhering to the guidance and restrictions of our government leaders for reopening our community dwellings. In reviewing the plan/s for “Reopening Kentucky” there is no current guidelines for which public pools (which the Cooper Farms neighborhood is categorized) can safely open. Presently, Governor Beshear has verbally called out the week of June 29th as a possible opening timeframe, but until the time in which guidelines are established we can only continue to prep and maintain the pool while trying to anticipate what those guidelines will be.

Regarding the fitness center, June 1st was the permittance date set forth for traditional gyms to begin reopening. Although June 1st is the opening for gyms, our fitness room is not a traditional gym and presents a new set of challenges for the board. Some of these issues are mandated restrictions detailed in the “Healthy at Work” (https://govstatus.egov.com/ky-healthy-at-work) requirements.
In reviewing these requirements, we are challenged with adhering to and controlling the following measures for a successful reopening:
• Enforce Social Distancing (six (6) feet or more)
• Universal masking
• Providing adequate hand sanitizer and encourage hand washing
• Ensure proper sanitation for equipment, restrooms/changing rooms
• Conduct daily temperature/health checks
The main concern of the Rec-board is to do everything possible to ensure the health and well-being for our residents while also remaining compliant with the mandated measures. While we understand the eagerness by many residents to reopen; we do not feel assured that we can effectively control these measures surrounding the fitness center which is why it has not been reopened.
We ask and appreciate your patience and understanding while the Rec-board evaluates all options for a safe and healthy re-opening.

The board would also like to address a topic that as has been discussed for several weeks now on various forums and has been on several community members’ minds. This is the topic of possible crediting of this years’ Recreational Fee’s. The board wants to start by saying there will for sure not be a 100% credit back to the community. There are still costs and expenses that are incurred whether the doors to the clubhouse or the pool are opened. The board does realize however that there is the possibility that savings could be had. At this very moment though those savings cannot be calculated for the full year. There are presently too many variables to account for and thus need to be assessed later in the year for a true determination. Examples of costs and/or expenses that could impact the overall budget could include, but are not limited to:
• The government does not allow for public pools to be opened this season
• Public pools are permitted to be opened in June, July or August (different seasonal operation window)
• What if pool operating hours are expanded – additional cost for pool management
o Note: Cooper Farms is under contract with KPM – pool closing allows for crediting, but not necessarily full reimbursement. Especially since they are still maintaining the pool in preparation of opening
• Additional PPE that was not budgeted for from 2019
• Additional cleanings for the facilities
To reiterate, the Rec budget will be assessed later this year to evaluate where it stands, and the board will decide as to what makes sense in regard to a credit. The Rec board values and appreciates the communities’ feedback on these forums but also want to encourage the community to attend the board meetings, to get involved and volunteer for the HOA and Rec boards so your voice and input can be applied to positive decisions for and in the community.

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Cooper Farms is a community of over 700 homes and growing. Located off Mt. Washington Road, just south of the Gene Snyder Freeway, off Preston Highway. Cooper Farms is home to many picturesque trees and beautiful woodland protected areas. We are close to shopping centers with numerous restaurants and retail opportunities.

Cooper Farms is a great place to call home and is a family oriented neighborhood. The Club at Cooper Farms has a junior Olympic size pool, fitness center, playground and picnic areas.

Cooper Farms website is a place for Homeowners to come to for community related information. If you have questions, suggestions or would like to get more involved with your community by joining a committee or would like to be a member of the Board of Directors, please contact our management agent, Amber Gabbard with Mulloy Properties at 498-2403.

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